About us
Our competent and qualified team consists of certified teachers and teaching assistants, such as

Master graduates ⬣  Preschool teachers ⬣ Montesori Teachers ⬣ Children's nurse ⬣ Childcare workers  ⬣  Lehrerinnen  ⬣  Music Teachers ⬣  Yoga Instructor ⬣  Chef ⬣ Remedial teacher ⬣  Secretary ⬣  Cleaner

which come from more than 10 nations.

One group is looked after by three qualified employees. In the bilingual groups, there are native speakers who teach the children a foreign language or help to improve the child’s knowledge of their mother tongue through play.

In addition to looking after and nurturing your children, it is the job of our team to perform an evaluation of your child’s development twice a year if you so wish and to guarantee regular feedback between you and the employees.

We hold regular in-house seminars to train our employees and to ensure that the Mini-Mäuse philosophy is implemented.All of our employees should enjoy working here and be enthusiastic about their work. That is why we offer Back Clinic.

In addition, every employee receives a free Job-Ticket travel card to provide them with free environmentally friendly travel.

Since the balance of work and family life is very important to us at Mini-Mäuse, it is only logical that our employees’ children enjoy cheaper education and preferred treatment when it comes to allocation.
Martina Walzik
Ann-Kristin Walzik
Pedagogical management Gronau
Barbara Klein
Pedagogical management Venusberg + Kita Management
Magali Soufnonguel
Hendrik Lohmer
Pedagogical management
Bad Godesberg
Claudia Paine
Head of HR and health
Gauri Sarang
Diversity & Inclusion Manager
Christina Hemel
Pedagogical management
Anissa El Tahiri
Pedagogical management
Large daycare center
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